The Farmer’s Dog Review – Must Read This Before Buying

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The Farmer’s Dog Review – Must Read This Before Buying

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The Farmer's Dog Review - Must Read This Before Buying

About The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a web carrier that delivers freshly made puppy food to the doorstep.

Driven by using its motto to make food that involves “easy recipes, guided via technology, and pushed with the aid of love,” the logo has rethought puppy meals by way of mixing human-grade components and allowing customers to personalize food plans based totally on their puppies’ profiles and preferences. 

In brief, the brand has turned uninteresting kibble into a sparkling excellent dining experience in your dog buddy. The logo has been featured in high-quality media retailers which include ForbesVogueCBS News, Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company

Its early advent into the business, coupled with its recognition for transparency, additionally explains the logo’s large following on social media, with 143k fans on Instagram and greater than 71k followers on Facebook.

Let’s face it, each day is a dog’s day. The Farmer’s Dog simply offers it a tasty twist. That’s why The Farmer’s Dog overview is right here to inform you why you shouldn’t be the only one ingesting healthy. This enterprise makes it simpler for you and your bushy pal with its actual meat dog food brought right to the doorstep, and we’ll display you why.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our task is that will help you make better, greater knowledgeable buy choices.

Our crew spends hours discovering, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from professional professionals, reviewing customer remarks, and studying merchandise to provide you with the records you want.

Overview Of The Farmer’s Dog

The tale of The Farmer’s Dog starts with Jada, a stunning Rottweiler doggy who struggled with severe digestive problems for two years. When her dad, Brett Podolsky, consulted a vet, he become recommended to offer her easy domestic-cooked meals.

The effect become on the spot. Jada was cured overnight, and Brett have become a clean meals propose. Shortly after Jada’s cure, Brett teamed up with his buddy and fellow canine discern Jonathan Regev to start The Farmer’s Dog.

Founded in 2014, The Farmer’s Dog turned into many of the first to foray into the fresh canine grocery store. Our pets deserve the quality, and that begins with what we feed them. Human-grade ingredients and the freshness that comes at the side of personalised meals plans, the storage, and managing of these merchandise are very essential. 

As mentioned before in The Farmer’s Dog evaluate, the business enterprise is in particular known for its transparency. If you see The Farmer’s Dog stamp, the meals is:

Brett and Jonathan say they frequently personally flavor-take a look at their puppy food recipes as they wouldn’t have it every other manner. The Farmer’s Dog overview will listing some of the logo’s key highlights based on purchaser critiques, research, and my own revel in (and concerns) as a dog determine.



The Farmer’s Dog is a organization that gives clean, customized dog food brought straight to the patron’s door. Some of the features of The Farmer’s Dog consist of:

  1. Customized Meal Plans: The company gives custom designed meal plans based totally on the dog’s breed, age, weight, and hobby degree. They use a proprietary set of rules that takes into account a dog’s unique nutritional necessities to create a customized meal plan.
  2. Fresh, Human-Grade Ingredients: The Farmer’s Dog makes use of best sparkling, human-grade elements of their meals. They do now not use any preservatives or additives, and all their meat is antibiotic and hormone-unfastened. They source their elements from local farmers and relied on providers.
  3. Easy to Digest: The Farmer’s Dog meals are made with entire meals ingredients which can be smooth for dogs to digest. They do now not use any fillers or synthetic ingredients which could disillusioned a canine’s stomach.
  4. Convenient Delivery: The food are delivered directly to the consumer’s door in pre-portioned bins, making feeding time simple and trouble-unfastened.
  5. Health Benefits: The Farmer’s Dog meals are designed to provide puppies with all of the nutrients they need to preserve most reliable health. Their food are high in protein and wholesome fat, and low in carbohydrates. They additionally consist of plenty of end result and vegetables to offer vital vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the substances utilized in The Farmer’s Dog merchandise and why they are blanketed:

  1. Animal Protein: The primary factor in The Farmer’s Dog meals is animal protein, generally bird, pork, turkey, or red meat. Animal protein is important for dogs because it incorporates all of the crucial amino acids they want to build and hold muscle, bone, and other tissues.
  2. Vegetables: The Farmer’s Dog food also incorporate quite a few vegetables, along with candy potatoes, inexperienced beans, and spinach. Vegetables are a terrific source of nutrients, minerals, and fiber, that can assist aid a dog’s average health.
  3. Carbohydrates: The Farmer’s Dog meals may also incorporate carbohydrates including brown rice, quinoa, and oats. Carbohydrates offer power for dogs and are also a terrific supply of fiber.
  4. Fish Oil: The Farmer’s Dog food are regularly supplemented with fish oil, that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can assist guide a canine’s skin and coat fitness, in addition to their immune gadget.
  5. Vitamins and Minerals: The Farmer’s Dog meals are formulated to be entire and balanced, which means that they incorporate all the essential vitamins and minerals dogs need within the right quantities.

Several clinical studies assist the usage of sparkling, complete-food substances in dog food. The use of sparkling, whole-meals elements can assist make certain that dogs receive the nutrients they need to thrive, and may additionally provide different health advantages.

However, it is critical to work with a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist to make certain that selfmade or custom designed diets meet a canine’s specific dietary needs.

Side Effects

There are no recognised aspect results of The Farmer’s Dog food as it is made with human-grade components and does not incorporate any dangerous components or fillers. However, as with every dietary change, it is crucial to transition your dog slowly to avoid digestive upset.

Additionally, some puppies may be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients, so it’s miles always a good idea to discuss with your veterinarian before making any good sized adjustments on your canine’s weight-reduction plan.

Why Go With Fresh Dog Food?

First, some grim data and figures on why it’s critical to know what your pooch’s food contains. According to a observe by means of VCA Animal Hospital, 80% of pets older than 3 years antique have energetic dental disorder[2].

Nearly 60% of puppies within the United States are both obese or overweight[3]. 

The Farmer’s Dog overview will now take a look at what we will do to shop our pups. According to The Farmer’s Dog, it begins with feeding them right. 

Numerous studies have found that puppy foods frequently comprise substances that are not indexed on their labels, or missing the ones they declare to use. Pet meals production in the US is finished at alarmingly low safety and excellent requirements, which can be hidden at the back of free labeling and marketing rules:

  • Meals: Powders like ‘Chicken Meal’ can comprise meat from diseased farm animals
  • Label Tricks: Foods can disguise behind deceptive baggage. ‘Made with red meat’ can mean just three% red meat.
  • Brown Pellets: Kibble is extraordinarily processed irrespective of the element claims (or images)

In comes The Farmer’s Dog with its line-up of fresh meals. The brand does now not make loads of tall claims like most brands. The website explicitly states there isn’t whatever fancy or magical approximately what they are trying to do.

All The Farmer’s Dog claims is that they make real, clean food“It’s still canine meals, just the way it ought to be,” states the brand. If anything, the emblem has my admire for its modesty. 

Unlike traditional kibble, if you have doubts approximately what you’re feeding your canine, you may flavor the food yourself, as it’s made with ingredients sourced from reliable meals suppliers, nearby farms, and different human food purveyors that meet USDA requirements

USDA requirements evaluate the great of standards for agricultural merchandise, especially the puppy meals that is being monitored in this example.

The Farmer’s Dog meals is made in the USA, freed from preservatives or processed components, as the intention isn’t always to be shelf-stable. They need to ensure your canine receives the maximum natural vitamins to be had. So, what upgrades are you able to count on to see to your canine friend when you make the switch? 

Fresh ingredients are greater quite simply digestible on your dogs, and the protein and herbal antioxidants in them are effortlessly absorbed by way of the gadget because it wishes less electricity to digest whilst the substances are sparkling. 

This Farmer’s Dog review located one have a look at that showed that because the call for for higher products for pets arises, organizations will paintings to in shape these demands[4] and provide natural nutrition at the same time as concurrently lowering the effect at the surroundings. 

Studies show that pets had advanced digestion, more potent immune structures, healthier pores and skin and coats, and extended energy when they switched to sparkling food[5]. In different phrases, your tyke isn’t going to stay, they may be going to thrive.   

How Does The Farmer’s Dog Work?

The first step in trying out The Farmer’s Dog cooked dog meals is to create an internet profile at the organisation’s internet site.

For The Farmer’s Dog evaluate, I created a profile for me and my pooch Sir Harisson Furred, a fox terrier-dachshund blend. The whole method took much less than 10 mins.

As a part of The Farmer’s Dog subscription system, you are initially requested to key in fundamental information including your name, zip code, and call information, and some statistics about your puppy, consisting of their sex, age, weight, and breed. 

In the subsequent step, plug in any of the subsequent information in your puppy:

  • Behavior (cutest, silliest, maximum dependable, maximum cussed)
  • Body type (skinny, spherical, chunky, just proper)
  • Activity level (not very lively–best moves when you come domestic, very active–likes to play, energetic–every day dog park journeys and lengthy walks)
  • Exercise (day by day jogs, 2-hour stroll) 
  • Eating style (very picky, may be choosy, excellent eater, will consume anything) 
  • Health problems
  • Routine weight loss program (dry food, moist meals, dehydrated food, fresh meals, selfmade meals) 

After filling out the questionnaire, I discovered that Sir Furred more or less requires 265 calories an afternoon and turned into given 3 recipes to choose from such as beef, chicken, and turkey.     

The Farmer’s Dog affords a -week taste trial, with the intention to begin inside every week of clients deciding on their plan and placing an order. 

The dog food is filled with dry ice to preserve the product frozen and meals is pre-portioned in luggage that contain enough food for an afternoon. The bags are frozen flat in order that they soak up minimal space in our jam-packed freezers.  

After the trial, your selected plan could be billed and shipped every 8 weeks. The deliveries are planned in this sort of way that you never run out of food. You also can customise the frequency based for your canine’s wishes and alternatives or cancel at any point.  

The Farmer’s Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog meal plans are a combination of four specific recipes with pork, fowl, turkey, and pork. The Farmer’s Dog meals overview will now highlight the elements in every of these recipes: 

  • Beef: Includes USDA beef, candy potato, lentils, carrot, pork liver, kale, sunflower seeds, fish oil, and TFD nutrient mixture (Vitamin mix) 
  • Chicken: USDA chicken, brussels sprout, chicken liver, bok choy, broccoli, fish oil, and TFD nutrient percent 
  • Turkey: USDA turkey, chickpeas, carrot, broccoli, parsnip, spinach, fish oil, and TFD nutrient mixture  
  • Pork: USDA pork, sweet potato, potato, inexperienced beans, cauliflower, pork liver, fish oil, and TFD nutrient combination

What Does The Farmer’s Dog Cost?

The Farmer’s Dog meal plans begin at $2/day. Each canine is distinctive, and full meal pricing will depend on a range of factors together with age, weight, and hobby. The Farmer’s Dog puppy meals arrangements and quantity are primarily based in your pup’s weight. To determine the exact cost, you can visit TheFarmersDog.Com and fill out the employer’s questionnaire. 

For Sir Furred, the full each day meals had been priced at beneath $29 consistent with week, with 20% off for the 2-week trial duration ($forty six, discounted from $57). That’s round $115 in step with month.

If you have got multiple mouth to feed or in case your pooch is larger, The Farmer’s Dog is sure to be an costly alternative. 

The rate stages from $four to $five consistent with day for a 25 lbs canine and $eight to $nine a day for a fifty five lbs canine. For instance, if you are the discern of a 60lb Golden Retriever, a full daily-meal plan will price you about $71 per week. That’s a whopping $284 a month

On the plus aspect, if your dog doesn’t take to the food, the brand will send additional recipes to strive, or you could get a reimbursement in case you donate the meals to a shelter. What a terrific manner to refund your merchandise.

Who Is The Farmer’s Dog For?

The Farmer’s Dog food is designed for puppies of every age, sizes, and breeds, and can be tailored to meet the unique nutritional desires of every man or woman dog.

This brand is specifically popular amongst puppy owners who’re seeking out a more fit, more natural alternative to conventional industrial dog meals, and who are concerned approximately the exceptional and safety of the components in their puppy’s meals.

The Farmer’s Dog Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For The Farmer’s Dog evaluate, we poured over multiple purchaser opinions, all of which had mixed reviews, ranging from skepticism over its push for fresh meals, disbelief over its bombshell expenses, and exasperation in seeking to make their canine transition from dry food to wet meals.   

On BBB’s internet site, the logo has a mean score of 2.33/five stars based on handiest 6 purchaser critiques. Most concerns had been with the company’s customer support, specially over delays in canceling their subscriptions.    

The Farmer’s Dog Reddit reviews expressed skepticism over the term ‘human-grade’, and what appears to be a routine conflict with the company’s consumer care.    

On the wonderful aspect, numerous customers say they face resistance from their pets best at some point of the early days of transition from the meals they may be used to. But once they go that initial hurdle, the effect is nearly on the spot.

According to at least one client on Reddit, the proof lies of their pets’ poop: “Her poop is so much better now.” Customers additionally praised the brand for its smart packaging and well timed shipping, ensuring your pooch is by no means out of chow.   

Is The Farmer’s Dog Worth It?

The Farmer’s Dog price factors are on the higher side. But in case you are acutely aware of your canine’s nutrition, prefer to be within the loop of what goes in, in particular approximately the way it comes out, and are willing to pay greater for it, then The Farmer’s Dog is well worth trying.    

The preliminary warfare to get your dog used to sparkling food can deter quite a few puppy parents. As a discern of a choosy eater pet, I might recommend topping off the sparkling meals with a smattering of kibble all through the trial length.

If The Farmer’s Dog is simply too steep on your budget, then top off the habitual kibble with some sparkling food and keep this in the long run. 

Few clients have questioned the first-class of The Farmer’s Dog’s elements. The brand’s adherence to high manufacturing standards makes it dependable. It is also a convenient alternative for puppy dad and mom with worrying schedules. The Farmer’s canine evaluate verdict? Give this a shot! 

The Farmer’s Dog Promotions & Discounts 

The Farmer’s Dog has presented our network a unique 50% cut price. Take gain now to strive Farmer’s Dog as this won’t last all the time.

How To Sign Up For The Farmer’s Dog

For the benefit of my fellow puppy parents, the Farmer’s Dog overview gives you step-via-step instructions on the way to join up for The Farmer’s Dog

Customers can also alternate the frequency of transport based on their dog’s choice, or cancel the carrier at any factor. You also can ask for a exchange of recipe.  


Searching for the correct meals to your doggy? Here are some more options to don’t forget:

  1. Nom Nom – offers sparkling, human-grade puppy food made from eating place-fine substances. Their meals are designed by means of board-licensed veterinary nutritionists and are available in pre-portioned packs which might be smooth to serve.
  2. Ollie – presents clean, human-grade canine food with custom designed meal plans based totally on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and activity degree. They also provide a huge kind of recipes, consisting of grain-free and low-fats alternatives.
  3. Spot & Tango – gives sparkling, all-natural dog food made with regionally sourced ingredients. They offer personalised meal plans based to your dog’s age, weight, breed, and activity level, and their meals are pre-portioned for easy serving.
  4. JustFoodForDogs – gives fresh, whole-food food made with human-grade ingredients, together with USDA-licensed meats and organic vegetables. They additionally provide various dietary supplements to guide your canine’s fitness and properly-being.
  5. PetPlate – gives fresh, human-grade dog food made with domestically sourced ingredients. Their meals are customized based totally on your canine’s weight, age, and pastime level, and they arrive in pre-portioned packs which might be clean to serve.


Where is The Farmers Dog located?

The emblem operates out of its head office in New York, US.

Is The Farmer’s Dog uncooked food?

All of The Farmer’s Dog recipes involve gently cooking the food at low temperatures according to USDA facility requirements to maintain greater of the nutritional value. They’re then quickly frozen (now not deep-frozen) for safe delivery and storage comfort.

Since the meals is fresh and includes no preservatives, you have to keep it at a secure temperature in a refrigerator or freezer. The food lasts for up to five days within the refrigerator. If you don’t plan to use it for feeding within this timeframe, percent them into freezer-secure baggage and keep them inside the freezer. 

Your field will include an smooth guide on a way to store and feed the meals properly. 

How long does it take for The Farmer’s Dog to ship?

The Farmer’s Dog presently ships to the 48 contiguous states in the United States free of charge. Customers obtain deliveries of freshly organized food on a routine and bendy foundation. The first delivery arrives inside a week of the order being located, after which every next shipping is timed in a manner to ensure your puppy does now not run out of meals. 

You’ll be notified thru email approximately every order before billing and cargo. No similarly information on shipping become available at the time of The Farmer’s Dog assessment.

How do I cancel The Farmer’s Dog?

Customers can adjust transport frequency and pause or cancel a subscription at any point by way of logging into their profiles on The Farmer’s Dog website. The Farmer’s Dog evaluation observed no records on how lengthy refund approaches take.   

How To Contact The Farmer’s Dog

If you continue to have questions after The Farmer’s Dog evaluate, you could attain out to customer service with the aid of sending an e mail to help@thefarmersdog.Com or achieving out by telephone at (646)-780-7957.

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