My Blissy Pillowcase Review – Read This Before Buying

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My Blissy Pillowcase Review – Read This Before Buying

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My Blissy Pillowcase Review - Read This Before Buying

My hair is many stuff, but silky, frizz-loose, and vibrant aren’t among them. It seems hair harm may be resulting from more than just heat styling, so I rapidly grew to become my interest to my pillow.

Blissy makes a hundred% Mulberry Silk pillowcases to assist negate hair and skin harm. The line is commonly made up of silk pillowcases however consists of different silk add-ons as well like sleep mask, face masks, and hair scrunchies.

I determined the emblem featured in Glamour, Essence, Shape, and Makeup.Com and that it’s loved via “supermodels, hairstylists, beauty professionals, and dermatologists” round the world. Plus, Blissy has a social network of 330k, so I commenced to feel like there’s something unique happening here.

What is it precisely? I purpose to discover in this Blissy pillowcase review. I’ll test a number of its nice-sellers, comments, offers, and more to offer you the full scoop.

When Vahe Haroutounian and Edgar Babayan founded Blissy in 2017, they dreamed of a higher way to sleep after developing tired of waking as much as bad hair, horrific skin, and hypersensitive reactions. On pinnacle of that, they found out that conventional pillowcases are loaded with dirt mites.

Armed with that alarming information, they advanced the Blissy pillowcase to give them, and plenty of others, a extra non violent way to sleep. 

Blissy’s assignment is to “produce the absolute high-quality silk pillowcase you can buy”. I suppose that asserts lots approximately the exceptional of its merchandise but additionally approximately the individuals who cause them to. Blissy is placed in Burbank, CA, in which they preserve to manufacture their merchandise and enhance sleep for many. 

Pros & Cons

Before we without a doubt get into the nitty-gritty of this Blissy pillowcase evaluate, let’s get a chook’s eye view of this logo’s execs and cons:



Blissy is all about the superior sleep enjoy because the brand knows how essential sleep is to all people. Their merchandise are designed that will help you to have the excellent sleep feasible and consist of pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies, and sleep mists, alongside sets that combine items as well. 

The simplest cloth they use is a hundred% Pure Mulberry Silk, which simply so occurs to be proper on your pores and skin and hair. Because the material is kind on skin, they’ve also created face mask, a gentler opportunity to DIY material mask.

If you’re thinking the finest silk appears like a luxury you’ve just gotta have, Blissy offers installment bills, in place of lump sums, on select merchandise thru Quadpay. Soon, we’ll get into what you virtually came to this Blissy evaluation for: their dreamy first-class-dealers.


The Blissy pillowcase is a luxurious silk pillowcase this is stated to have numerous advantages for hair, skin, and general sleep first-class. Some of the features of the Blissy pillowcase include:

  1. Made from one hundred% pure mulberry silk: The Blissy pillowcase is crafted from amazing, pure mulberry silk, that’s hypoallergenic and mild at the skin.
  2. Soft and easy texture: The smooth and smooth texture of the Blissy pillowcase allows to prevent hair breakage and decrease wrinkles on the face.
  3. Breathable and temperature-regulating: Silk is a obviously breathable fabric that enables to modify body temperature and preserve you cool throughout the night.
  4. Durable and lengthy-lasting: The Blissy pillowcase is designed to be durable and lengthy-lasting, so you can enjoy the benefits of dozing on silk for future years.
  5. Available in diverse sizes and colorations: The Blissy pillowcase is to be had in preferred, queen, and king sizes, and comes in quite a number colours to in shape your bedding and decor.


The Blissy pillowcase is made from a hundred% pure mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic and loose from harmful chemical substances.

Mulberry silk is thought for its clean texture and herbal moisture-wicking properties, which could assist to maintain the pores and skin and hair hydrated while lowering friction and stopping wrinkles and hair breakage.

Additionally, the silk utilized in Blissy pillowcases is OEKO-TEX certified, that means it has been examined and authorized to be free of dangerous materials.

6 Best-Selling Blissy Products

Blissy Silk Pillowcase Review

When I heard silk pillowcases have been verified to protect your skin and hair, it wasn’t tough to apprehend why. With a tender, slippery fabric, they motive much less breakage and won’t pull on your skin thru the night time.

Silk pillowcases have also been proven that will help you sleep better. How? Because they’re hypoallergenic, you can discover you wake up much less and experience much less congestion thru the night. Dust mites are a ache.

The Blissy Silk Pillowcase is made from 22-Momme (a weight size) one hundred% Pure Mulberry Silk, which I found out is the very best first-rate silk available.

The silkworms are fed best Mulberry leaves, and as a result, they make one of the greatest silks on the planet.

Sounds delicate, proper? Blissy pillowcases have gone through widespread checking out to make sure they’re long lasting and that they do what they claim to.

The Blissy Silk Pillowcase is available in 19 colorations, such as my non-public favorites: matcha, plum, and tie-dye. Aside from looking great, they’re additionally made nicely.

I respect that they’re Oeko-Tex® certified, because of this they are safe, green, and non-toxic. They come inside the following sizes:

  • Standard: $63 from $90
  • Queen: $seventy five from $100
  • King: $eighty three from $110

Customers say“The pillowcase is delightful.. Cool to the touch and I now look for it within the mattress. Can’t sleep without it.”

Blissy Scrunchies Review 

These exquisite lovely Blissy Scrunchies convey the 90s back in a complicated, contemporary manner. Scrunchies are all the rage now, and even as they’re imagined to be gentle on your hair, I’ve pulled out a few hairs inside the technique earlier than. I like that those ones just slip right off.

You can wear them at some point of the day, but I assume they’re also fantastic if you want to tie your hair up at night time, however don’t need to damage it. 

These scrunchies will secure your hair, however reduce damage and breakage, and slide off without difficulty.

Blissy Scrunchies come in a three-p.C., with Gold, Pink, and Black, and are made from the identical a hundred% Pure Mulberry Silk as their pillowcases.

The three-percent of Blissy Scrunchies is $38, normally $50.

Customers say“Love these! I sleep in one and they are fantastic lovely to wear down too! I desire there were more color options for the three packs and that the colour picks have been customizable.”

Blissy Sleep Mask Review

It’s no secret that we get a better and extra sound sleep when it’s absolutely darkish. I used to sleep with the TV, but now, I can’t have any light in my room in anyway.

The Blissy Sleep Mask works wonders for that afternoon nap or a sleep on an extended flight but also facilitates to take away light from avenue lamps or alarm clocks that shine thru the night.

Handcrafted from one hundred% Pure Mulberry Silk, the Blissy Sleep Mask feels accurate to your face and has a cooling impact, which facilitates you sleep better.

Since I’m a hot sleeper, I’ll take all of the cooling I can get. The material is again, outstanding on your skin and hypoallergenic.

Blissy has a ton of different and luxurious, classy colours to pick out from such as lavender, gold, rose gold, and poo. There are 18 color options in overall, so I think you’ll locate one which suits your style.

silk sporting case is blanketed together with your masks so you can take it with you everywhere. I could definitely take mine on excursion. The Blissy Sleep Mask is now $38, discounted from $50.

Blissy Face Mask Review

Possibly the excellent selling factor of the Blissy Face Mask is that it doesn’t cause acne. Though I’m thankful I didn’t have to put on one for work once they had been required, I realize some who have had “maskne” because of it.

Breakouts around the mouth and face are commonplace with different varieties of mask, however in view that Blissy’s are 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, they’re hypoallergenic and are extraordinarily mild in your face. 

These face masks are hand made with care, adjustable, system cleanable, and most significantly— breathable. I’ll notice right here in my Blissy evaluation that these face masks provide the same safety that a DIY fabric face masks does; they’re not medical grade. 

I suppose those are distinctly stylish searching and outstanding to wear when you need to get dressed up. The Blissy Face Mask comes in Silver, Pink, Black, and Tie Dye, and is presently $15 discounted from $25.

Customers say: “Really lovely and soft. It feels lovable for your face a whole lot nicer than cotton.”

Blissy Dream Set Review

Everything you want to have the precise night’s sleep – or afternoon nap, whichever you pick! I’m no longer a great deal of a napper, but I’d absolutely sit up for crashing with those babes at night time.

The Blissy Dream Set lets you relaxation easy understanding your hair and skin are included even as you sleep. This dreamy set includes:

All of these products are crafted from 22-Momme 100% Pure 6A Grade Mulberry Silk and are Oeko-Tex® licensed. This makes them safe, green, non-poisonous, system washer-friendly, all-natural, and hypoallergenic. What a mouthful, however I think factors like those are really worth stressing once more.

For statistics on the way to care for and wash your Blissy products, examine the FAQ further down in this Blissy overview. 

The Dream Set comes either White, Pink, Silver, or Black, and in 3 sizes and all are currently on sale. Yessss.

  • Standard – $one hundred twenty (from $one hundred seventy)
  • Queen – $one hundred thirty (from $a hundred and eighty)
  • King – $140 (from $190)

Customers say: “The pillow is fantastic! Cooling and maintains my curly hair from being too frizzy.”

Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist Review

On nights I even have trouble sound asleep, I attempt to create as calm of an surroundings as viable. The Sleep & Pillow Mist might be a welcome boost to my current ordinary.

It works to relax and soothe you to help you sleep better. It’s remarkable for those who have problem falling asleep or simply folks that want to sense ultra-comfortable.

The lavender and eucalyptus fragrance works wonders for lowering stress and developing calm, at the same time as additionally helping as a nasal decongestant for easy respiration via the night time.

I love how simple the ingredient list is just too. This mist is a blend of a hundred% Lavender and Eucalyptus important oils so that you can relaxation understanding there are no synthetic fragrances or dyes in your private home. 

To use, spray excessive within the air to create a easy, spa-like environment. Just lay down and breathe in. Spray once more if favored. One of the most important pointers in this Blissy assessment: you must now not spray your Blissy pillow at once with this mist, as it is able to purpose staining. 

Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist is presently $30, discounted from $36

Customers say“This product has totally changed my sleep pattern. Finally I am getting 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep as opposed to 3 to four hours of tossing and turning. If I had no longer tried this sleep and pillow mist I could no longer have believed this experience became viable. I maximum surely desire this mist is in no way discontinued.”

Who Is Blissy For?

The Blissy pillowcase is for everyone who desires to enhance their sleep quality and preserve healthful hair and pores and skin. It is in particular beneficial for human beings with sensitive skin or hair, as it’s miles made from hypoallergenic and mild materials.

Blissy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Since I’m critical about choosing merchandise in order to clearly help me (and aren’t a waste of money), it’s essential that I take a look at client remarks. I hit up the logo’s internet site first. Here’s a take a look at the scores for some of its fine-dealers as of April 2023:

  • Sleep & Pillow Mist: four.Nine/5 stars, 614 reviews
  • Blissy Dream Set Pink: five/5 stars, 315 reviews
  • Silk Face Mask: five/5 stars, 2,455 evaluations
  • Blissy Scrunchies: five/5 stars, 454 critiques
  • Pillowcase White Standard: five/5 stars, 13,708 critiques

One Blissy pillowcase assessment study, “I am in reality overjoyed with my pillowcase. I usually awaken with my hair knotted looking like I had been pulled thru a hedge backwards. Not anymore, hair appears vivid and untangled, no pillow creases on my face and great lovely to sleep on.

It sounds like Blissy pillowcases really do what they are saying they do, however allow’s look at another comment. Mentioning their worth, another Blissy reviewer states:

I’ve never spent this a whole lot on a pillowcase, however allow me actually say…it’s nicely really worth it! …Since drowsing on my bliss’s, every morning my hair is tender and I can run my arms thru it! I love the way it feels on my pores and skin in particular understanding I’m stopping wrinkles as I sleep. You won’t be disenchanted…I want everything Blissy now!” 

Turning to Trustpilot for extra statistics, I noticed a 4.Three/five superstar rating from 1,399 buyers. Here’s the way it breaks down:

  • Excellent: seventy two%

There were heaps of nice opinions here, but here’s one Blissy pillowcase review I suppose sums up consumer enjoy:

I love love love my pillowcases. I even have four of them (I sleep in a pillow citadel!) and they may be outstanding. Prompt delivery of they all. Thoughtful and type customer support. I especially recommend.

Customers say that the pillowcases keep up in the wash too, that’s some thing I become in my opinion worried about. I experience like I have an excellent grasp of Blissy, however I looked at the Blissy Pillowcase Amazon web page to make sure. There, ratings weren’t as high as the others I got here throughout.

Common poor evaluations talk of problems with customer support, transport, and transport times. Some point out breakouts. 

It’s now not all sunshine and rainbows for Blissy, but it seems like the enormous majority of shoppers revel in their merchandise.

Is The Blissy Pillowcase Worth It?

While snooping round for this Blissy review, I found a few terrible remarks however additionally a number of nice ones. All things taken into consideration, it without a doubt does sound like the brand’s pillowcases do what they declare to, however I understand that reviews will continually vary.

Blissy isn’t the most lower priced brand both, but it shouldn’t be. Its merchandise are made with very exceptional silk. If you’re searching out cheap pillowcases, you won’t discover them here. What you’ll get is hypoallergenic, natural, and malicious program-resistant luxurious merchandise.

So, is Blissy any good? Well, their merchandise are made with extremely exceptional silk, so in phrases of price, you get what you pay for. I understand that’s a typically used word, but it rings actual right here.

Are they well worth it? If you’re looking for a silk pillowcase, I could clearly recommend this one. The emblem often offers sales (like the one on right now) and buying bundles cuts down the charge further. Beautiful, effective, and properly-made, this logo is a forerunner in the silk pillowcase sport.

Blissy Promotions & Discounts

Blissy is having a mega Pre-Summer Sale. You can keep up to twenty-five% and get free shipping on all orders. If you’re considering trying Blissy, now could be a exceptional time.

After your first purchase, you may refer a friend. Give them $20 off their first order and you get $20 off your subsequent.

Where To Buy Blissy Pillowcases

You can find Blissy on line at Blissy.Com or Amazon. You can also place a Blissy silk pillowcase Bed Bath and Beyond order on-line, or check the in-save availability, in addition to other sleep-focused stores. 


Creating the correct sleep enjoy can ironically be plenty of paintings. Here are some greater pillowcase options to bear in mind on the street to dreamy sleep:

  1. Slip: Slip offers silk pillowcases which might be designed to be mild on hair and skin, reduce friction, and sell better sleep. Their pillowcases are crafted from excessive-grade mulberry silk and are available in diverse shades and styles.
  2. Branché: Branché is a brand that gives silk and linen pillowcases, amongst other bedding merchandise. Their pillowcases are made from a hundred% herbal fibers and are designed to be gentle on skin and hair, even as also promoting temperature law.
  3. Elle Silk: Elle Silk offers quite a number silk pillowcases that are designed to be gentle on skin and hair. Their pillowcases are made from notable mulberry silk and are to be had in diverse sizes and colorations.
  4. ZIMASILK: ZIMASILK offers silk pillowcases which might be designed to reduce hair breakage and limit wrinkles. Their pillowcases are made from a hundred% natural mulberry silk and are to be had in diverse sizes and colours.
  5. Alaska Bear: Alaska Bear gives silk pillowcases that are designed to reduce friction, prevent hair breakage, and limit wrinkles. Their pillowcases are made from exceptional mulberry silk and are to be had in numerous sizes and colours.


What is Blissy Pillowcase?

Blissy is a logo that sells one hundred% Mulberry Silk pillowcases and different silk objects that enhance sleep nice and luxury. They additionally negate damage for your pores and skin and hair that everyday pillowcases cause. 

How do you wash Blissy silk pillowcases?

Blissy pillowcases are washing machine secure but remember to take care while washing—they’re much greater delicate than ordinary pillowcases are. Always use the delicate putting for your washing machine and cool water with mild detergent specifically made for delicate cloth. Never use bleach.

To save you snagging, it’s high-quality to scrub your Blissy products within their mini mesh laundry bag. When washed, location your merchandise within the dryer on the bottom temperature setting for no more than 20 minutes. Remove from the dryer and lay your Blissy products flat to air dry completely.

How lengthy does Blissy Pillowcase take to deliver?

For orders in the US, Blissy’s transport time is generally among 1-3 business days through USPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Shipping times for West Coast deliveries are 1-2 business days and 3-five business days for the East Coast. 

Orders placed before five pm PST usually ship out the equal day, or the subsequent business day if after 5 pm. International orders are shipped inside 1-three commercial enterprise days via DHL and are commonly added in 1-2 weeks

How do I music my Blissy order?

After your purchase, the logo will send you a affirmation e-mail along with your Blissy transport monitoring range so that you can tune your Blissy order status on line via the carrier’s website. 

What is Blissy’s Return Policy?

Blissy accepts returns made inside 60 days of purchase. All gadgets must be again of their authentic packaging and any used objects do no longer qualify for a complete refund. To begin a go back comply with those steps:

  1. Contact Blissy customer support at aid@blissy.Com or name 888- 590-9670

I’ll notice right here in my Blissy evaluate that the emblem does now not provide return labels for worldwide orders. If you desire to go back your object from out of doors of the us, you may be accountable for all delivery charges. 

How to contact Blissy

If you need some other statistics that wasn’t included in this Blissy overview, you can reach the emblem’s consumer care group by means of the use of any of the subsequent strategies:

  • Blissy phone number: 888-590-9670
  • Email:

Blissy is located at 3900 W Alameda Ave 12th Floor Burbank, California, and their customer service hours are Monday to Friday, nine am – 5 pm PST.

If you’re not set on Blissy, test out masks by Manta Sleep.

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