Cuup Bras Review – Why You Must Read This Before Buying

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Cuup Bras Review – Why You Must Read This Before Buying

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If you’re looking for a new bra, you’ve likely heard of Cuup bras. These bras have become incredibly popular due to their superior comfort, fit, and style. In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Cuup bras to help you decide whether they are the right choice for you.

We’ll review the materials, available sizes, and the overall customer experience. So if you’re looking to buy a Cuup bra, read this review before purchasing.

About Cuup

Cuup Bras Review - Why You Must Read This Before Buying

Cuup was founded by fashion industry veterans Abby Morgan and Maayan Gliksman, who wanted to revolutionize how women shop for bras. The duo set out to create a revolutionary bra collection that fits modern women’s bodies better than anything available today.

They have worked to ensure their products are designed to fit the modern female form with thoughtful engineering, proprietary fabrics, and a great selection of styles. They aim to make undergarments that flatter your figure and give you the confidence to rock any look.

Cuup also emphasizes an environmentally-friendly production process, which includes sustainable materials and ethical labor practices. The brand is made for women, by women, so you can rest assured that Cuup has its heart in the right place.

Pros and cons of Cup Bras

• A variety of undergarments to choose from, including thongs, demi bras, high-waisted panties, and more
• 40 different sizes: Its bands range from 30 to 38, and its cups range from A to H, so it offers sizes like the Cuup 30d bra
• The brand is currently working on expanding its sizes even further
• Offers a Cuup fit quiz that customers can use to find their size
• A bra fitting service: buyers can schedule an appointment at their SoHo location or opt for a virtual session
• Hundreds of customers attest to the fit, feel, and quality of the company’s pieces
• Offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option
• Only ships within the United States and Canada
• Swim tops and bottoms are only given a 14-day return window
• Some customers may find it inconvenient to shop for a bra online due to sizing issues

Cup Bras Review

We hate bra shopping, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones that feel that way. Finding a style that balances fit, support, and comfort can be complex. Here’s to hoping that this brand provides a life-changing alternative.

From the demi model to the classic scoop design, this Cup bras review will review a few of its most popular pieces.

Cuup The Balconette Review

The Balconette bra from Cuup is a modern design with an elegant look. The mesh cups provide a peek at the breasts without unnecessary lace, bows, or padding. There are nine color options; each complemented with gold hardware.

This bra is perfect for flaunting the breasts while providing comfort and support. It is also affordable at just $68, making it an excellent addition to any lingerie collection.

The Balconette has thin, adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure in the back. The sides of the bra are made of soft, stretchy microfiber that keeps everything in place without being too tight. The cups are lined with thin foam for support, and the band features a series of elastic bands for extra support and comfort.

The result is a perfect fit that looks good and feels great.
Overall, The Balconette from Cuup is an excellent option for those looking for a modern, stylish bra with plenty of support and comfort. With its affordable price tag and variety of colors, it’s sure to be a favorite in any wardrobe.

Cuup The Plunge Review

For those looking for a bra that offers minimal coverage with maximum support, the Cup Plunge Bra is an ideal choice. The sheer fabric and plunging shape of the bra gives it a seductive feel while still providing the support and comfort of a classic bra. The breathable material is perfect for those hot summer days, making it the ideal choice for open-necked blouses and dresses.

The flexible straps and thick band provide excellent support, while the wide range of sizes makes it easy to find the perfect fit. And at $68, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.
Whether you’re looking for a sexy accent piece or a comfortable everyday bra, the Cup Plunge Bra is a great choice.

Cuup The Scoop Review

Cuup The Scoop bra is perfect for women with a boat-shaped neckline. It has a U-cut style that shows off some cleavage without compromising comfort. The Scoop bra is made from soft, breathable, and comfortable microfiber material against the skin, meaning you don’t have to worry about any itchy lace fabric.

In terms of design, The Scoop features a near-stitchless design and pairs well with any of Cuup’s panties. It also has thick straps that provide extra support and stay in place. You can choose the perfect one with five core and three seasonal color options. All options have gold hardware for an elegant touch, and the bra rings up to $68.

Cuup Bottoms Review

Cuup underwear has four main styles: thong, bikini, high-waist, and scoop. All styles feature a seamless design, which ensures minimal to no visible panty lines. The range is also made with an antimicrobial fabric that fights odor and prevents bacteria growth.

The thing is the skimpiest option and features a low-cut waistband. The waistband fits snugly against your skin, and its fabric ensures maximum comfort.

The bikini style is the mid-rise cut with medium coverage of the hips and backside. It has an elastic waistband with gentle squeezing that is comfortable and helps you feel secure.
The high-waist style features a double-layered waistband that provides extra coverage around the abdomen and backside. It also has a foldable leg-band for extra security, making it perfect for larger sizes.

Finally, the scoop style is the most popular option among Cuup customers. Its smooth finish makes it ideal for daily wear and is designed with an adjustable waistband for extra comfort.
Overall, all four styles offer excellent coverage, breathability, and flexibility.

They’re designed to keep up with your active lifestyle but look great under any outfit. The underwear is available in four colors – black, white, pink, and nude – to help you match them to your lingerie wardrobe.

Cuup The Thong Review

Cuup’s The Thong is one of their most popular and sought-after items. This thong is designed to provide a comfortable fit that also looks great. It features a high-cut design, which emphasizes the shape of your hips. The waistband is a soft, stretchy fabric that won’t dig into your skin. The thing is constructed with extra-soft elastic straps that provide support without feeling restrictive.

The thong is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable all day long. The material is also moisture-wicking, so it won’t cling to your skin in hot weather. This thong provides minimal coverage and no visible panty lines. It’s perfect for wearing under tight-fitting clothing.

Cuup The Thong is available in black, nude, and sand. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. If you’re looking for a thong that provides an ultra-comfortable fit and modern look, Cuup The Thong is an excellent choice.

Cuup The Highwaist Review

The Highwaist panties from Cuup have become one of the most popular items in their collection. The high-rise fit is comfortable and provides a sleek silhouette that won’t ride up throughout the day. The stretchy modal and elastane blend ensures a secure, comfortable fit that wicks away moisture on hot days.

With 11 different hues and patterns, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

The panties are designed with a non-rollup hemline to stay in place, making them an excellent choice for those no-funny-business days. At $18 for a single pair, these panties are affordable and won’t break the bank. Plus, the sleek design looks great with any outfit and keeps you confident all day.

Cuup The Bikini Review

The Bikini by Cuup is a simple yet stylish pair of underwear that provides coverage and comfort. WItsmodal and elastane blend hugs your figure perfectly, while the antimicrobial bamboo gusset offers breathability.

It comes in seven permanent shades and four limited edition colors, so you can flaunt your style. Best of all, the Bikini cut only costs $18, making it an affordable option for any budget.

Cuup Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When it comes to customer reviews, Cup Bras are highly rated. Customers appreciate the variety of styles, the comfortable fit, and the quality of the materials. Let’s look at what customers are saying about each of the different types of bras offered by Cuup.

The Balconette bra has been one of the most popular styles with customers. Over 2.2k ratings have been given to this bra style, with an average of 4.2/5 stars. Customers have reported that they love the shape, support, and comfort of this style of bra.

The Demi bra has also been well-received by customers, with almost 500 ratings and an average of 3.9/5 stars. Customers have mentioned that they feel comfortable and supported in this bra style.

The Plunge bra has received positive reviews from customers as well. 1.8k ratings were given for this style of bra and it earned an average rating of 4.2/5 stars. Customers have commented that this style provides ample support and is comfortable to wear all day.

Customers have highly rated Cuup’s Scoop bra. Over 1.3k ratings have been given to this bra style, with an average of 4.2/5 stars. Customers have mentioned that they love the supportive shape and feel of the fabric.

Lastly, the Triangle bra has also been praised by customers. This style has over 300 ratings with an average rating of 4/5 stars. Customers have said that they love this style of bra’slightweight feel and fit.

Overall, Cup Bras have been well-received by customers who love the variety of styles, the comfortable fit, and the quality of the materials used in their bras.

Is Cuup Worth It?

Cuup is worth it if you’re looking for quality and comfortable bras. Its commitment to inclusivity and its revolutionary approach to fit testing makes it an excellent option for those who want to buy the perfect fit.

Furthermore, its prices are pretty reasonable given the quality of the garments, making them an excellent investment for your lingerie wardrobe.


Cuup is a lingerie brand that has become increasingly popular among fashion-forward consumers in recent years. Its high-quality designs, comfortable fits, and trendy styles make it stand out. The company offers bras, bottoms, and lingerie sets; each providing superior comfort, support, and style.

The price points of Cuup bras and lingerie are competitive with other lingerie brands, making them an affordable and stylish option for those looking for quality lingerie pieces. Their customer service team is also known for being friendly and helpful, which makes them an even better choice for those looking for quality lingerie at an affordable price.

Overall, we can say that Cuup is an excellent option for anyone looking for stylish and well-made lingerie pieces. We recommend that you take the time to read reviews of their items and compare them to other brands before making your final decision. That way, you can get the best value for your money.

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