Continuity Clothing Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

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Continuity Clothing Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

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Continuity clothing is a label which has seen a rise in popularity in recent days. The brand is focused on creating classic pieces of clothing that are wearable year after year and never go out of fashion. The clothing is constructed with premium materials and attention to particulars, ensuring that each piece lasts for a long time. 

This review examines the Continuity brand and its clothing by examining their design, quality and overall worth. If you’re in search of something that stands out or is an everyday staple the clothing of Continuity has something for every person.

Continuity Clothing Overview

Continuity Clothing Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

Van Gogh’s art clothes as well as women’s floral print dresses, and various other kinds of clothing that are consistent are now the fashion craze. What exactly is this brand? Continuity refers to the mental state that is characterized by joy, color open-mindedness, curiosity as well as a desire for traveling and experiencing. 

In addition, from their designs there is lots of sweetness. The brand is known for its ability to bring happiness and comfort to your everyday life. They appreciate the uniqueness of each item.

A lot of buyers have posted their positive review on their official site however, the brand has no online presence on social networks. Therefore, feedback is posted on the official website only. What can this brand provide you? Do the reviews really reflect the truth? Let’s take a take a look at the clothes range as well as the reviews.

Continuity Clothing Van Gogh Review

Within the Van Gogh collection of clothing for continuity You will find various designs, prints and sizes to fit every body type. On the homepage of the site you can access this collection.

The dresses featured in this collection are a mix of attractive and vibrant oil paintings as well as digital prints. The designs they pick are abstract. They are certain to provide buyers with a jolly design. In this selection there are the following kinds:

These dresses have been praised highly from purchasers. Additionally, this collection includes the following accessories: Let’s take a look

Certain of these are but you can find the entire collection from their website.

If we look at the cost range for each piece of cloth can be found at $22.9 each day, after discounts. There is a 48 percent coverage across the items.

The cost of sneakers in the collection are 29.99 dollars following sales and the purses cost nine dollars. Do the clothes really deserve this price? We’ll find out after we read the reviews on the continuity clothing.

Continuity Clothing Floral Dresses Review

The Continuity Clothing floral dresses are something to be admired. They are able to provide customers a broad selection of dresses. What is the reason for this? We have seen a variety of styles and patterns of dresses. In this section, you can find mid-length and full-length dresses that have sleeves or not. Additionally, A-line, solid-colored dresses are great for casual occasions.

When you see the patterns and colors, they’re not breathable. Floral print dresses are ideal for spring-time events , or just for girls’ day out.

Let’s discuss prices. With discounts taken into account, dresses are priced the same in total 22.9 USD. It’s odd, isn’t it? It is true that even in Van Gogh collection The prices are similar.

As is the fashion, the collection has been praised by customers. The consistency ensures that they provide the right selection for every body typeHere, you can view the sizes below:

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Tops and Bottoms Reviews

Continuity Clothing is a complete woman’s fashion store. You can shop here for all the clothes from top to the bottom. There are two areas of the page, namely bottom and top. Let’s take a take a look.

Tops at the same time as continuity clothing

You can shop here for various tops of different sizes. You can find solid and printed tops. The material used in the tops are mostly made of cotton which is ideal for summer.

Additionally, you can get rounds necks and turtlenecks and even V-necks. This brand will meet the fashion needs of the fashionable.

When we look at the cost that it ranges between 22 and 55 dollars following the sale. There is a massive discount on every single item. There are discounts up to 40 percent off different items.

Bottom, at the bottom of continuity clothing.

The brand has a large range of bottoms. There are broad-legged floral pants. Additionally, there is the collection of flared pants that are made from stretchy fabric. If you’re looking for skinny-fitted pants, visit this site.

Additionally, they ensure to provide customers with an array of sizes. In this section, you will find the sizes listed below:

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

The feedback of customers is an essential element for understanding the service offered by the brand. Therefore, on their website we’ve read a lot of great reviews.

Van Gogh Review by Buyers

One of the buyers said”Super cute shirt. was awed by the colors. Shipping was quick!

Another wrote: The packages were delivered much faster than I anticipated.”

Another buyer said that it was SOOOOO SOFT and comfortable, I bought more for my family, and they all loved it SO! !

Floral Dresses Review By Buyers

chris.cadena@hotmail.com2023-02-26 11:17:27

This dress is nice and will encourage anyone thinking of buying to go ahead without fear.” Thank you, Seller.

sdennies@yahoo.com2023-01-27 14:51:52

“I bought this coat and I was thinking when I bought it that it was an error because it would not fit well or look good. What was I to think? My coat is my favorite. it’s exactly like model on the television. It’s from Finland. “I just love it.”

villarumahbesar@hotmail.com2023-03-08 05:10:07

“This dress is simply stunning! The dress is perfect and exactly as the photo. Very quick delivery! Thank you :)”

Tops and Bottoms 2023-02-09 06:19:44

The fit is comfy and will fit as was expected. I am extremely happy I bought this item!

Charity Swann 2023-01-22 03:52:08

I really love my shirt! I enjoy showing my Christian faith through wearing it. I’ve received lots of compliments for it. God is amazing!

However, this brand isn’t recognized on platforms such as Pissed Customers as well as Trust Pilot. Reviewers on its official site are suspect.

We’ve compiled the best Amazon dresses to help you if you are planning to purchase dresses for women. Let’s take take a look:


Here’s the final verdict on the of the clothing line and also on its brand. The customers are extremely satisfied with the consistency of the clothing. They claim that the brand provides fast delivery and excellent customer service. In terms of prices related, they’re quite expensive. After discount, it’s acceptable.

Do we suggest it to you? No, we do not. What is the reason? It’s because on Amazon and other well-known online stores there is many dresses at significantly lower costs. Furthermore, these dresses are rated with fantastic reviews.

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